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NOL Season 2 Preview

A special announcement about what's in store for NOL.  As discussed on the show, just head to, scroll to the bottom of the page, and enter your email to subscribe to our newsletter. 

Christy, You're Fired

144 episodes in and this may be our biggest guest yet! Jeremy sits down with aspiring YouTuber, science lover, future WNBA star, greatest podcaster in her kindergarten class, and Jeremy's daughter, Elliot Phoenix. Elliot sits down to talk minecraft, youtube, and field some listener questions before turning the tables on her old man with some questions of her own. 

#134: Pièce de #Resistance

Christy and Jeremy sit down for a roundtable with Jesse Dollemore (host of the podcast I Doubt it With Dollemore) to discuss our thoughts on the first month of Donald Trumps presidency and what that means for the groundswell of people getting involved with political discourse in new ways.  Links discussed on the show:  Find Jesse and subscribe to his show - Find ways to get involved locally - Find your congressional district -

#142: Selling Virginity, West Wing Report, and Selfie Drones

Jeremy and Christy are joined by Jeremy Henson from the Eureka podcast to discuss selling your virginity, Christy introduces her plan to watch the West Wing starting January 20th, Jeremy (Holmes) has some stories to make Matt Christy mad and we discuss boners in space.  Links:  - Join Christy's facebook group "Jed Bartlet is My President" - "It's My Decision: This woman is auctioning off her virginity to help her family" Via The Washington Post - "Haircuts With Bangs Might Be Coming Back in 2017" Via QG  - "Keyshare Technologies debuts Kimon selfie drone" Via Venture Beat - "What Happens to Dicks in Space" Via Inverse

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